Friday, May 24, 2013

Spiderman and Batman Cookies

I had a lot of action in the kitchen this March and I would like to share the fruits of my labor.
I made Spiderman stuff for my son's birthday and batman ccokies for my  friend Gil.

This is what it looked like during the pre- detail stage.
Just frosting and outlining.

Obviously, Gil loves Batman.
We gave it to him for his bday.
BTW, he loved it!!

Next are the cookies I mde for Nico for his birthday celebration.
He loved Spiderman during this time, he is now into Avengers, batman and Superman.

This is my little bday boy- Nico.
He just turned two.

Easter Cookies 2013

Hi everyone,
I have finally been able to figure out some of the trick on this touch screen laptop.
So now I would like to share with you guys my easter 2013 edition cookies.

Believe it or not, my inspiration for these cookies came from my daughter's t-shirts from carters.
I thought the eyelashes were just adorable.
My favorite was the strawberry that came from an egg cutter, soo cool.
I brought this to work.
Also I used a newly discovered chocolate cookies recipe I found in pinterest.
Hope you like it.
Love K